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Bid Coordinator (#1,601,021,659) 

Offre d'emploi en/à Vancouver (British Columbia), Canada

Each and every staff member in Jastram Group has a responsibility to work constructively and cooperatively with every other member of staff to ensure that Jastram customers are served in accordance with Jastram? s mission, values, plans, policies and procedures.
The role of the Bid Coordinator is to smoothly respond and manage responses to Request for Interest (RFI),?Request for Tenders (RFT) or ? Request for Proposals? (RFP) issued by purchasing authorities and ensure that the solution/s proposed is complete and appropriate and results in the best proposal possible.
This is a key role in the whole process as it over-arches all other roles; the Bid coordinator must assess what information is required, coordinate the response material from all parties involved (including sub-contractors and partners) and ensure that the completed submission puts forward the best possible response in terms of completeness, appropriateness and that it demonstrates the best added value options to the purchaser. The Bid Coordinator must also make sure that deadlines are met.
Understanding the rules of tendering.
Undertaking a Bid/No Bid exercise to decide whether to make a submission or not.
Understanding the RFI/RFP/RFT, deciding timelines and responsibilities.
Working with suppliers (OEM?s) to secure required information to complete RFI/RFP/RFT.
Selling the tender and pricing to win.
Timely management of tender activities to complete project deliverables.
Review of drafts and effecting improvement.
Methodologies and executive summaries.
Quality control and procedures.
Copy-writing, where appropriate.
Obtaining feedback from purchasers when tenders are unsuccessful in order to improve in future.
Help with interviews and corresponding with purchasing authorities.
Give guidance with business and marketing development.
Provide insight and analyses of forthcoming opportunities, purchasers? mindsets, best practice and dealing with purchasers.
Experience and Training:
Technical training such as a college diploma.
Experience in preparing bids for medium size, technical bids for government projects.
About Jastram EngineeringJastram Engineering is built on the understanding of how critical steering is to the operation of any vessel. The comfort and safety of the vessel and crew is in part dependent on how well the steering system functions. We believe that steering is one of the most important elements of any vessel. This motivating force is why Jastram is compelled to design and manufacture to the highest quality. We provide dependable engineered marine steering solutions worldwide.

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Jastram Engineering

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CA-V5K 0A1
Greater Vancouver
British Columbia

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